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Ladies First....where it came from?
Rod on 09/01/2012 at 12:17pm (UTC)
 My friend and I rushed to the bank to en-cash a cheque when we saw a beautiful, voluptuous, woman crossing the pedestrian lane.

Suddenly, my friend asked me if where the "Ladies First" came from. I explain to him that it is a show of respect to the opposite sex. I told him with proud that we Filipino's do that. That it is part of our culture. Ehem, lastly, when you are courting (lol).

My paradigm has a li'l shift when he told me that it was part of war. According to him, during the war of Germany, woman was used as a shield. They let them first enter a field, room or anything that they suspect has a bomb. Should there is and it explode then there's no man casualty.

I search this in the internet but I found nothing to support it. Anyway, I am just curious about it that's why I have this blog.

What you think?

Religion and Religious Belief – One of the Causes of Poverty…?
Rod on 09/01/2012 at 11:16am (UTC)
 Imagine there’s no heaven…no hell below us…and religion too, this is just few lines from the famous song of Sir John Lennon entitled “imagine”. What if really there is no religion? What if the Spaniards did not introduce religion? Then our country could have been better than today. Who knows…?

Religion teaches words of God, good moral, teach people to value and love one another. It is unquestionable and undeniable that there is big role of our Church to the community’s development and peace. However, despite these immense contributions of the Church to the State and the Filipino people, somehow religion and religious belief UNINTENTIONALLY contributes to poverty.

This does not mean however that I am antichrist or against the teaching of the Church or any particular sect/religion. I don’t want either to offend others feeling, I am just trying to establish the link of religion and religious belief to poverty here in the Philippines. How?

First, No doubt that we Filipino people entirely rely our faith to Gods intervention as introduce by the Spaniards. From the point of view of the humanist/atheist, we become indolent because of our religious belief. Some Filipino people depends their faith to Gods’ miraculous intervention. As if everything will be provided by Him even without doing anything – “may awa ang Diyos”.

We do things based on our religious belief. We have to admit that some prefer to use method that is in accordance with their religious belief. The effect is we become less scientific in approach which results to low production. It has already been proven that scientific procedures produces efficient output and provide better productivity. Take a look at the first world country; they always use scientific and proven method in their production. See where they are now, they are more advance than our country.

Second, scientific approach does not work effectively in bringing economic development and success in our country because of improper intervention and interference of some if not all Churches or their religious belief. In effect, this produces a minimal breakthrough or contribution in the field of science or other methods legally allowed under existing laws and regulation of the government. Because of this, the advancement of the field of science is too slow.

It may be because the top universities/colleges in the Philippines are being run by religious institutions. We all know that Church does not support all scientific research that is against its dogma. The Church condemns anyone who supports an act that is against their teaching. Thus, science application and research in these universities is limited only within the area acceptable by the Church. Thus, Science advancement that may suppose bring the nation into prosperity is being constrained by these institutions.

For instance, the Church strongly opposed the passage of Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) because Church believed that the approval of the same is grossly immoral since it is almost equivalent to abortion. However, the Church neglects the fact that the intention of the bill is to lessen the fast growth of population in the country.

Another is, though it does not related to poverty, Church opposes Cryogenics - preserving dead human body to comeback into life. Imagine if scientist successfully worked this out.

Third, is the strong influence of the Church in the affairs of the State. Because of this, the government is afraid to implement some laws already passed by the Congress for political reason.

For instance, we have the Philippine Mining Act which was passed on March 03, 1995. Mining provides another source of livelihood to the community affected by the mining activity and also the neighboring barangay. Despite these contributions and the fact that mining is legal, the Church continues to oppose this. Banning permanently mining in the country will not just remove source of income to the Filipino people but will also contribute to the increase of commodities around the world, i.e.… the nickel and metal industry.

Even though there is no statistics to support our claims that religion and religious belief contributes to poverty, still we believe that it has relationship with poverty.

The Government must invoke Article II Section 6 which states that the separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.

The government must strictly impose its regulatory power with out fear...Straight forward….




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